Incentives for Walker Lakes

  • Free underground parking

  • Free TELUS services

  • Up to 1 1/2 months free rent in North building

  • Up to $1000 off first months rent in South building

  • Seniors and Military receive a $100 rent reduction per month for non corner units

  • Military people can break lease if they are transferred during lease period

  • Seniors( +60) pay only $750.00 for Security deposit

Friends in apartment .jpg

Referral Incentives

1 - Any External agent/agency gets $200 for each referral.

2 - Tenant will get $100/- for first & second tenant.

3 - Tenant will get $150/- for third & fourth tenant.

4 - Tenant will get $200/- for fifth tenant and on.

5 - Referral amount will be paid after 3 months of referral tenants move in. 


*Incentives available for new one-year leases and may be subject to change.

Please inquire with our rental team to learn more.